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        Welcome to the official website of TRUTECH CO., LTD.!
        TRUTECH-Professional import and exportEfficient and transparent
        Tel:+86 13337917940
        Fully meet the needs of customersTRUTECH——Import and export business
        TRUTECH--Professional import and exportComprehensive solutions
        Import And Export Services
        TRUTECHEnterprises focusing on import and export

        Now consult us:+86 13337917940

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        TRUTECH 一 Foreign trade experts around youIt is our pursuit to serve customers well

        Shangzhen Technology (Wuxi) Co., LtdTRUTECH CO., LTD.

        Shangzhen Technology (WUXI) Co., Ltd. is specialized in import and export business, import and export customs declaration, inspection, international freight business and warehousing and distribution services and other one-stop logistics services and related business consulting companies. The products involved are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, textile, a...

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